“SPACE TOURS – Mission E. V. A.” feiert seine Wien Premiere!

Endlich kommt der Kult Trash-Film auch in Wien ins Kino und wird am 26. Mai 2011 im Cineplexx Wienerberg bei einer großen Premierenparty präsentiert.

Vom 27. Mai bis 9. Juni 2011 läuft “SPACE TOURS – Mission E. V. A.” dann im Apollokino Wien.

3 Awards for SPACE TOURS at the NYIIFF!

“SPACE TOURS – Mission E. V. A.” won 3 awards at the “New York International Independent Film Festival”

-Best Feature Film International
-Best Comedy Feature
-The jury´s special award “Feature Filmmakers To Watch” for Andreas Auinger and Rainer Kantz

Space Tours – Mission E. V. A.

The travel group TUILET TOURISM plans a space cruise of absolute superlatives. So it sends the space ship YUZNA into space with a four-man crew and super computer E. V. A. on board to explore vacation destinations no tourist has ever seen before. As you can imagine, this venture is a thorn on SPECTACLE TRAVELS’ side, their competition…

On its way to the ultimate vacation paradise, the crew of the YUZNA encounters jealous police officers, bloodthirsty tour operators, fed-up tourists, giant monkeys, an indestructible tour guide cyborg and aliens who think tourism is the same as terrorism.

The science fiction comedy SPACE TOURS – MISSION E.V.A. is an action-packed trip through the last 100 years of the history of film and television – made up of thousands of parodies, pastiches and quotes.
SPACE TOURS – MISSION E. V. A.: an absolutely no budget production which definitely surpasses ’Plan 9 From Outer Space’!

Screening of “SPACE TOURS” at the NYIIFF

“New York International Independent Film Festival” screening of “Space Tours”

Saturday, November 13th 2010, 6 p.m.

Culver Plaza Theatres, Culver City, Los Angeles




“Space Tours – Mission E. V. A.” officially competes within the framework of the “New York International Independent Film Festival”, which takes place from November 11th  to November 18th  2010 in the Culver Plaza Theatres in L.A.!